The Preca Inspire Platform was designed as a tool to promote the foundational aims of the Societas Doctrinae Christianae (SDC) – also known in Australia as Preca Community. The name of the legal entity in Australia is Society of Christian Doctrine Property Association.

The aims of the Preca Community are:

  • To be holy so as to inspire others to be holy.
  • To learn so as to make Jesus better known and loved.
  • To be a Catholic faith Community, so as to grow the Preca Community.

The Preca Community which is an Association of Christ‘s Faithful will strive to make all content  in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The administrators have the right to cancel any subscriber, editor or member accounts when content does not promote the above aims.

To ensure content promotes the aims of the Preca Community, comments and requests by subscribers to make public their private inspirations, will be vetted by the administrators of the platform. Please allow up to 3 working days for requests to be processed.


Subscribers can copy and communicate limited amounts of content under “fair dealing”.

Fair Dealing is one of the exceptions to copyright infringement. The Australian Copyright Act provides that copying a reasonable portion of a work for the purposes of research or study, criticism or review, news reporting or parody and satire.

No permission or payment are required for the purpose of fair, non-profit, promotion of the religion – explicitly the Catholic faith.


Society of Christian Doctrine Property Association accepts no responsibility for the content on external sites. External links are presented without warranty, express or implied. The descriptions of sites in these pages have been taken from the pages themselves and are not meant to express the opinions of the Society of Christian Doctrine Property Association

Cancelling an account

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